When people sleep, they undergo stages without their knowledge. People sleep then slip into a state where void exists and anything can fill it: an aunt, a landscape, a monster. The void consumes without permission, without warning, and people fall into its trap because they’re tired, so their system shuts down, like a technical device, except technical devices don’t have the will to plug themselves back on when they’re ready. But who is to say people can’t? People, when sleeping, can sense light once again and know world that surrounds them and that they’re in. But people can also be shut down, and shut down for eternity, even when they’re ready to plug themselves back on again. What then separates a person from a machine? A machine can die without having their say, a person can die without their will consulted. If a person can function when alive just as much as a machine could, and die just as much as a machine, then is a person a machine? A machine also human? 


I try to draw the boys…

I try to draw the boys

I love

so I can see them

any time

I want.

I draw these boys

looking at me

as though they could feel

when they were made to feel nothing

but love

for no one

but the one looking.

I fall asleep

sometimes drawing them

and get back to work

in the morning.

I draw these boys so

slowly I think

they get tired of waiting

for me to finish.

But when I do they’d complain

about them having

to stay forever

that way.